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Window Treatment
There are only so many ways to cover a window - curtains, shutters or blinds. But in those groups there are myriad options.
Curtains can be fabulous and billowing, lined and interlined, with a beautiful fabric puddling luxuriantly on the floor. Or they can be smart, minimal and plain.
Wooden shutters can look superb and are a great way to control how much light enters a room and also to ensure privacy if you won't want people in the street looking into your sitting room.
Blinds are what most of us go for, as they can be very cost-effective, with just small amounts of fabric needed for a simple roller or a Roman blind, while Venetian blinds - horizontal strips of thin wood or metal - are also fairly inexpensive and again shield against light and provide privacy.
At Noha Draperies, we are  window treatment professionals. Noha Draperies can advise you on the pros and cons of the material and style that interest you, as well as help you determine whether prefabricated window coverings are the best choice for your space, or whether custom versions would be ideal.

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Noha Draperies will measure your windows to ensure a good fit, then create or obtain the window coverings. Skilled in installation, we will mount the shades, blinds or curtains and make small adjustments for a polished look. Because child safety is an important consideration when it comes to windows, we will remedy any potential hazards, such as dangling cords.